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Like Spinning Leaves

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Stuff On MTV.com...("again!")

In quotes because Last December, it was Video Games Live on MTV-Owned GameTrailers.com. This time, 2 Player Productions is seeing a little face time (Paul's face anyway) on the actual page.
You can click here to see the episode (watch out for two incredibly annoying and unavoidable ads). Basically, the clip gives a quick overview of chiptunes (with demos/interviews from Mark Denardo, Bubblyfish, and Anamanaguchi) and the significance of Blip Fest with Paul's interview tying the whole thing together.

I know it seems a little odd to get excited about exposure on a network that is, from a philosophical standpoint, so divorced from the one we're covering but it doesn't mean I'm not grateful (thanks to Jack & Tob(e)y for putting the piece together).

That and it never hurts to see one of our team's name in print.

I'm especially amused by how companies that exist in name only can be granted a small shred of legitimacy by being set in a bold typeface in the bottom third of a frame. One of these days we'll actually have to become incorporated...

It's a shame that there's no mention of our actual documentary in the piece but hopefully they'll be able to slap on a link to the Blip Festival's page if nothing else. Not too much going on otherwise. The Wedding Thing is shaping up nicely. Talking about starting some sort of videography service with the bride. Good working relationship. All very difficult to say. Everything's so up in the air...and the Bent Festival is this weekend...too much.

once May gets here, all I want to do is see the sun for more than the six minutes I spend walking to and from the health food store and, more importantly, work on Blip Fest. That's enough for now. Did you see Hot Fuzz yet? Don't download it. It's one of those things you need to see with an audience.

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