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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Too Early Too Late

A night hasn't passed like that in a long time.

With the exception of a series of breaks that add up to no longer than 90 minutes, I've been importing selects from the 20+ hours of footage for Wedding Story (really have to think of something less ridiculous sounding...damn working titles) for the last 14 hours. I've still got a lot to go through before my Later Today Deadline so I'll try and keep this brief.

Really all I wanted to say is that certain elements of my more recent history have been a welcome change. Pulling an all nighter used to be synonymous with sloppy term papers, pointless exam cramming, and a miasma of general self loathing. Now it's for a paying job in a field that isn't a safety net or a second choice but something I've wanted to for over a decade. I know, this is quickly turning into a sentimental and steaming pile.

Point is, as far as work goes, things have really shaped up over the last year in a way that I'm actually proud of. May not seem like much of a milestone but trust me, the feeling is not a familiar one. I'll be sure to consult this entry when the work dries up and I'm back to eating Ramen and eggs like when I first moved to the city.

(If you stick your head out the window and look to the right) this is what the view from my bedroom looks like right now.
That, coupled with a soundtrack by The Boats makes for a pretty perfect morning.

back to work...

post script: Also, in a moment of weakness at around 3am, I had to resort to chugging a Red Bull and chasing it with a MDX (mostly for the placebo effect) but, how the hell do you people drink this crap? I feel like my teeth are disintegrating...


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