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Like Spinning Leaves

Friday, February 16, 2007

Flying Hoagie = ...Success?

When (sorry, if) you think about how the wealthy must live, you (or at least, I) tend to imagine something along the lines of Dean Martin in that movie where he has a circular mechanical bed that rolls him towards the opposite side of his room, tilts up, and gently tips him into a giant swimming pool full of bubbles.

In the back of your mind, you know scenarios such as these aren't that far off the mark but it doesn't actually register until you witness it firsthand and say to yourself, "wow, people really do do that."

Yesterday, a very large box (actually, several boxes taped together) from The Higher Ups in Philadelphia arrived addressed to a Higher Up (also from Philly, originally) on set. I know the title of this post, much like the working title of The Usual Suspects ("Keyser Spacey"), kind of gave away the ending but the package was filled with all the trashy (read: delicious) comfort foods the City of Brotherly Love could muster.

As the box was being torn open like a nintendo 64 on christmas, there was some speculation as to what the gift had in store. Sure enough there were sodas and snack foods synonymous with the region like Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak and TastyKakes, respectively (click here for more) but none of that was particularly impressive.

It wasn't until he pulled out a soft, vaguely roll shaped hunk of plastic that things took a turn for the absurd. Not only did it contain a giant, fresh, and picture perfect italian hoagie, but a little vial of oil as well. They even went the extra mile by wrapping the bread in a different piece of vacuum sealed plastic so the meat wouldn't make it soggy on the flight from Pennsylvania to New Mexico.

And yes, there was a cheesesteak too. No word on whether it was Pat's or Gino's but I can only assume it was the former since the rest of the package didn't seem hell bent on offending the decent average joe's culinary sensibilities (like everything from Gino's does)...I'm kidding of course, I could care less about that ridiculous rivalry.

So it's true. Rich people really do fly food across the country for other rich people.

Also, speaking of flying, rich, and this movie: I have no idea if this is true, but I feel like we would have heard about it if this had actually happened.

Off to set.

Also, Ent3rtainment Tonight sucks. More on this later.


Blogger hemlock said...

good posts! it took me a while to figure out that the sub wasn't super miniature like your picture.....or is it?

we miss you over here in....the place where you usually are, but i'm not.


5:37 AM  
Blogger Dthip said...

add me to your friends

11:41 AM  
Anonymous zirafa said...

yea, is that miniature sub related to the post? We gotta knooowwwww

2:52 AM  

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