{Like Spinning Leaves: Eve of (Self) Destruction

Like Spinning Leaves

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Eve of (Self) Destruction

Well, getting ready to turn in.

Tomorrow is the first day of principal photography on Tennessee. Aside from the occasional bump in the road, things have proceeded along a considerably smoother track than the last time we went down this path. There are a number of things I could attribute this to but they'd all probably get me fired so it's best to let it be for now.

It hadn't occurred to me since I decided to write this sentence but I'm kind of looking forward to the pre-dawn call times, the seemingly interminable 12-14+ hour work days, the constant feeling of "hurry up and wait" that seems to define the making of any film with a budget exceeding $1,000. Maybe it's just the 3 catered meals a day and all the traveling to places I'd never go otherwise.

Things have slowed with the Blip Fest editing...eh, not much to report otherwise.

tired. hopefully I'll have something worth saying after the first day of shooting. good evening.


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