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Friday, October 27, 2006

What Dreams May Come And Go

I've often pointed out (the obvious by stating) that nothing in this business is certain unless it's already happened. And, even then, some things remain unclear. Our experiences with the Shadowboxer documentary are a testament to this.

2 years ago, HBO, Showtime, BET...they all once held the promise of our debut into the industry with a fairly no holds barred and sui generis "Making Of...". Now you have to buy the Canadian version of the DVD to see a (seriously compromised) third of our original hour and forty minute documentary. We never ended up going to document The Mule in Amsterdam with Stephen Dorff and Sean Astin. We should have been trekking across the country shooting the documentary for Tennessee a year ago but they still have yet to lock down a firm cast to this day. Everyone's always "interested" and they always "love what they've seen so far."

These all seemed like broken promises and I became increasingly frustrated with each new setback. But I've come to realize that it's not about acceptance. It's about recognizing this as an inherent part of the process. In other words, I shouldn't have expected otherwise when everyone else goes through the same thing on a regular basis.

All that being said, you can understand why I remain skeptical about gametrailers.com (essentially the apple.com/trailers of the video game world) and MTv.com picking up the trailer and episodes we made for Video Games Live. Tommy outdid himself this time and hooked us up with spots as front page features on both sites. We actually just finished applying MTv's notes to the trailer so it can go online next week and I still think it's all some cruel joke. I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't jiinx it by dreaming up pessimistic scenarios...Yes. Let's stop here and just be happy.

Oh wait. Just so there's no confusion about all this (since some people have asked), there is currently no money involved in this deal. There's a possibility that MTV will ask us to combine the 3 episodes and develop into a full 22 minute episode for their network but we'll see how this goes first. According to their stats, during the three weeks our videos will be up, they expect about 15-20 million unique visitors. An extreme exaggeration sure but at the very least, it could very well mean 1 million unique visitors in actual figures...so yeah, that's...ehhh... good.

Other things worth noting: my cousin at illusivemedia is currently designing a great website for 2 player productions to coincide with the release of the webisodes. I'll be sure to post a big announcement once it's ready. We're all in Jersey at Paul's place right now. Seeing Dino from Chromelodeon, Anamanaguchi, and The Depreciation Guild tomorrow night in Philly. Should be a good time.

Also, I got a crockpot for my birthday yesterday. Good looking, msb. It's going to be a hearty winter.


Blogger hemlock said...

hey sweet! i really like depreciation guild. i have their 3 songs. i'll get jim to give you his zesty lemon asparagus soup recipie. so crucially delicious. (not unlike lucky charms)

5:46 AM  
Anonymous zirafa said...

Holy Crap. Big things are happening to everyone in Brooklyn! Congrats, even if it is tentative.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous zirafa said...

did drew and i just post 10 minutes apart at almost 6 in the morning?

5:58 AM  

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