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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bizzy Busy Busey

Things are moving along nonstop. I don't have much time to write. The poetry festival went really well. Working on what seems to be an incredibly elaborate Olde English video today. Meeting with Bit Shifter tomorrow to discuss the details regarding 2 Player Productions creating an official DVD for Blip Fest, a 3 day chiptune festival in NY dec 1-3. Shooting audience reaction shots for a taped Broadway (possibly Off) performance on Friday & Saturday. Sunday I get back to working on webisodes for Video Games Live. Continue cutting together the EPK for PLAY a week from today when Paul and Owens come back to NYC. Making plans to go to Virginia Beach for a few days for the end of Ramadan. Possibly having a party. Possibly leaving for Tennessee by the end of this month (cue howling studio audience)...no really, this is the one solid bit of info we've had in a while and it doesn't come from the production company. Apparently, Mariah C. (damn you, google) has cancelled the UK leg of her tour to do the movie. A drastic move.

Ok have to go.

I also finally bought Only Revolutions. Don't know when I'm going to have 5 spare seconds to read it.


Blogger hemlock said...

is that like Gary Busey joining Bone Thugs N Harmony, being overwhelmed with work?

9:48 PM  
Blogger asif said...

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4:36 PM  
Blogger asif said...

all of the above. He's actually going by 'Busey Bone" right now

4:37 PM  

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