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Like Spinning Leaves

Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Video: 8 Bit Genocide

Alright well, this is hardly a new video since it was shot* about 2.5 months ago but the image quality is a small step up from youtube and I promised to put it up a while ago.

So here it is.

8 Bit Genocide
[*by Owens and Jason]

Everytime I watch this video, I feel a sharp pang of regret over not being there.

Otherwise, things are slowly picking up again. Unfortunately, we had to scrap the Bitshifter/Nullsleep/Tugboat conversation for today - just couldn't pull everyone/thing together. We're going to try again for wednesday night. I'm taking it as an opportunity to really crank out some other things that have really started to gather dust on the shelf of my hard drive...namely the 30 minute cut of Video Games Live but also the 2 Player Productions website. I'd type more but I don't know what else to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snoop doggy asif. I did not cheat. I'm central time!


8:22 PM  
Blogger asif said...

that's my brain telling your brain you should be closer to NY if not in. But really, I would never have accused you of cheating if I had been clever enough to remember the whole time zone thing. sorry

10:12 PM  

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