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Monday, August 28, 2006

They're In The Archives

I used to keep track of PLAY's myspace hit/friend count on a weekly basis. It's been over a month now. Let's check it out.

Okay, my last recording was on July 26th:
696 friends (+24 from the previous week)
6082 (+321...)

Anytime we had any sort of publicity, whether it was the VGDJ podcast, the myspace interview, or the article in Metro, I would make a note of the date and see if it had a noticeable impact on the numbers.

Alright let's see, in the last month we've gone up to:
759 friends
7316 hits

hmm. I suppose that breaks down to something resembling our weekly average...an average that has consistently shrunk over the past month or so...make sense - this hasn't been a great month for production save that one meeting we had.

Alright, I suppose this qualifies as a post for now, lame as it was.
4 more days.