{Like Spinning Leaves: One Week Away From Retirement...

Like Spinning Leaves

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Week Away From Retirement...

If the ole movie cop cliche is true, today is the day I die.

Hopefully I'll go out like the officer at the beginning of Last Action Hero (Favorite Second Cousin Frank's house blows up, impaled by palm tree, etc. incase you've forgotten). Who am I kidding? Surely everyone remembers that cinematic milestone.

But yes, it's true: There is officially one week left till I leave my first "Real World" job. Following a brief vacation (possibly DC), I'll be hitting to road everywhere within the triangle created by Westchester, PA, Virginia Beach, VA, and Franklinville, NJ to meet up with my partners and really bury myself in work that actually matters. You can expect more relevant updates once that period begins.

For now, you'll have to settle for this filler crap.

I don't even have a link for you today.

Post Script:
Katamari Damacy 3 should revolve around restoring Pluto's status as a planet.


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