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Like Spinning Leaves

Thursday, July 06, 2006

"I Want Chicken!"

Not the title I would have gone with but, ok.


I know it's been a while since I've brought it up but the film now has an official website. Some of the features include a new cut of the trailer, some cool production stills by the memorable David Lee (Spike's brother), and a very dark and poorly compressed clip from our Behind The Scenes documentary.


Still, it's kind of cool.

As for everything else, Time has been weird the last week and a half or so. I was homeless for a couple of days before we could move into our new apartment (which is really nice & really expensive*) and then there was the actual unpacking & settling which I only just finished yesterday.

*I've also had to start looking at actual jobs to pay my absurd rent. I won't say where I've applied until I hear back from them about a second interview but if I get this job, I should be pretty happy for the time being. Rest assured, it's not a desk job.

CBS - B.U.T.S.

Enough initials? Last week, Ben got me a shooting gig for Broadway Under The Stars. We were just shooting audience reaction shots but it's going to be on CBS this Saturday (7/15) at 7pm. If anyone is feeling generous and wants to tape this for me (I don't have tv), I'd appreciate it. There isn't much to say about the experience except that only a very small percentage of the massive audience was sufficiently illuminated (it's an outdoor concert incase you didn't follow the link). As a result, I had to keep shooting some of the same people over and over again, hoping to get better shots of them...this did not sit well with some of the older folks and one man in particular who resembled the lumberjack on Brawny paper towels and was very protective of his incredibly cute and enthusiastic (read: Audience Reaction Shot Gold) little girl.

Also, I guess I should have expected this but really, I seriously underestimated the extent to which geriatric broadway fanatics would freak out when Liza Minelli burst on to the stage for the finale (Ben had been present for the rehearsals earlier in the day and told me she was there)...But seriously, people that you'd think would never walk again were leaping out of their wheelchairs to give what may very well be their final standing ovation.


I recently acquired a few different recordings from various VGL shows so I'm getting back into cutting that...eh...not much to say beyond that I guess.


The only thing worth mentioning is that there's going to be a Chromelodeon show Aug. 4th that I can't wait for. I haven't seen those guys in well over a year and a half now. Should be sweet. I'm also having trouble finding the time to cut the Pulsewave 4 show...maybe I'll start on that today and work on VGL tonight...? We'll see. I've developed a pretty serious cough which is more annoying than inhibiting.

OH WAIT. What Kind Of A Fool Am I?!?

There's going to be a write-up about PLAY in Metro Philly.

It's the free paper that everyone riding public transportation in Philadelphia reads - a very significant readership. Anyway, Owens and I were supposed to join Paul L. and Anthony for the interview last friday but couldn't make it down from Baltimore/NYC, respectively. I don't even know if this has been printed yet since the guy told us that stories which aren't time sensitive tend to get pushed back until they have a space they need to fill but it's still pretty good news.

I'll be sure to let you know once I find out.

Okay I think that's (actually) everything there is. I'm starved. Time for lunch.


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