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Friday, April 07, 2006


It's only 15 minutes into Friday so I might be updating again later today but I had to share this now.

To begin, I sent my resume/reel to Maysles this morning and got offered an internship two hours later. Unexpected. Man, that $30/day stipend two days a week is going to be sweet. Bah. Some day, real money will find it's way to my leaky checking account.

The good news is that The Pauls' meeting with T. Tallarico about PLAY went very well, lasting well over an hour. Apparently he really meant it when he said he was interested in helping the film become a reality. He mentioned the possibility of serving as Executive Producer and said he'd help us pitch the project to investors at places like Electronic Arts and IGN. This whole thing is still a few months away but this is certainly a great beginning. I remain optimistic.

I just sent an email to LDE asking for an update on Tennessee. Hopefully I'll have some news to report on that project by this time tomorrow.

Right that's all.


Anonymous Dave M said...

Albert Maysles! Holy hell.

(I'm only just reading your entire blog now except for the first post, so the excitement about your past month is still new to me.)

3:23 PM  

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