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Like Spinning Leaves

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1 Step Forward / 2 Steps Back

Tennessee is delayed another few weeks. I really need to heed my own advice and not tell anyone when I'm leaving for anything until I'm already there. That being said, I won't breathe another word about departure dates until I'm in New Mexico.

Also, the side project I've been working on is now corrupted and won't open in Final Cut Pro.

Nothing was lost that can't be rebuilt in a few days but it's still a nuisance. Thankfully, I managed to make the videos available online for participating artists last night before waking up to this unpleasant turn of events this morning. About the project...

Side Project: Bkuarium


This project is comprised of four short videos (ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length) shot at the Brooklyn Aquarium. Each video will have several distinct audio tracks composed specifically for that video. The viewer will then be able to choose which track he or she would like to hear while watching the video to create several unique viewing experiences of the same visuals. For example, you would say, "I want to see Video 2 with Zirafa's music and then see it again but with Orange Drink's music."

This will be the first of (what I hope will be) the many video projects collected for the Hemlock Pictures DVD. Once BKuarium is up and running online, I'm going to use that to recruit other young video artists who are trying to get their work released. In an ideal world, this DVD will have something like 30-40 short form (1-2 minutes preferred, 5 minutes max) video art pieces put together and released by Spring '07.

The only news I have for PLAY is that the production company name we will use to promote the film to potential participants and investors is "Two Player Productions." A trivial piece of information I know but it's all I got. Levering is apparently working on some big update to the film's myspace page (linked on the right) so be sure to check that out soon, add it to your friends, and tell people about it.

Whew. I'm going to go look for breakfast and watch Family Guy.