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Like Spinning Leaves

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Going Corporate

Well, I caved.

Today, I write to you from the cushy confines of my desk on 5th avenue. I've spent the better part of the past decade subconsciously wondering when I'd become another anonymous member of the 9-5 gang. Well, here I am. It's actually not so terrible aside from the fact that I'm losing valuable editing time and, when I get home to sit down and work for real, I'm beat. Fortunately, the pay is wildly disproportionate to the work I'm [not] doing so it essentially qualifies as bank robbery (literally, since I work for Citigroup). However, this is not to say that I intend on living the high life hereafter - quite the opposite. I'm saving up for most, if not all, of the following items:
- New phone (current one is terminally ill)
- New external hard drive (I've got my eye on the 1TB LaCie Big Disk)
- And, depending on how long I end up working here, a G5 tower just for editing.

Those are the essentials that will make working a lot smoother. At the very least, I need to upgrade my Powerbook to 1GB.

Why am I boring you with all this? Take a look at the first article printed in a major publication (or at all for matter) about something we're doing.

Philly Metro Article About PLAY


Anonymous Hose Rajj said...

Welcome to the machine. Beware the steady paycheck; its supple, dependable flesh can cloud the minds of men.

PS: Could you negate my student loans? I believe Citi is currently clutching them like a dreidel-shaped, bantha-flavored matzo might be clutched by a Semitic wookiee. Thanks.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Farsheed said...

yo asif, the press is dope. working 9-5 sucks, mainly cause you spend all day doing nothing and then at the end of the day you are drained. wtf!?!?

see you soon

12:57 AM  

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