{Like Spinning Leaves: New Video

Like Spinning Leaves

Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Video


I made this a few months ago but never put it online. Here it is.

Filmed At The Brooklyn Aquarium

Music = Iconography by Max Richter

This actually kind of depresses me. It makes me wish I was actually out there in the water shooting instead of dreading going back to work on Monday...still, only three more weeks of this crap till I take a nice long vacation out of state.

Post Script:

For the sake of formality, I forgot to mention that when I first got interested in shooting, I really wanted to operate camera for the Discovery Channel (ocean life in particular). Some day I'll submit this (or something like it) to them and see if they'll find any use for me.

The sad part is, I might really suck at deep sea diving.