{Like Spinning Leaves: Asleep On A Train, Passing Milestones.

Like Spinning Leaves

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Asleep On A Train, Passing Milestones.

Ridiculous titles aside, The Lord of The Rock surpassed 1000 Youtube views sometime in the night.

::grumbling:: It only took about two months...

A couple of quick things:

Oh man.

Village Voice

"Still, there's a certain pleasure to be derived from watching the actors attempt to dig out from under the rubble that William Lipz's screenplay repeatedly dumps on their heads. Mirren and Gordon-Levitt keep a straight face. Gooding seems vaguely embarrassed, especially when baring his ass. Dorff is only too happy to whip out his scene-stealing schlong. Mo'nique hints that she's in on the joke. Ferlito clearly has no clue."

very hard to resist my first (and last) usage of "pwned."

They're finally putting the DVD for this thing together which means the first DocuBoy project will finally see its release*. Owens and I will be editing the final version of the featurette this weekend in Philly. I will return unchanged for the most part...maybe a little relieved...it remains to be seen.

* The Woodsman thing doesn't count because we didn't really shoot the whole thing. My sincere apologies to whoever did for totally stealing that credit.


We might be changing our name to Chip Tunes. More on that later.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you scott. chip tunes is a better name, i think. it's more...self-explanatory...or something.

10:28 PM  
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