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Like Spinning Leaves

Monday, August 21, 2006

[They] Have A Dream

Nintendo Amusement Park
These guys in my neighborhood are trying to create a video game obstacle course where you strap into a bungee powered harness cleverly disguised as Mario's overalls and jump on Goombas the size of those nasty kiddie pools of frosting they'd root around in on Double Dare.

The trailer & narration crack me up. We just got in touch with these guys and will probably be going down there to check it out with our cameras in tow as part of the VGM documentary...I'm not sure how it'll be implemented within the actual film but I think it's certainly worth including in the Electronic Press Kit we'll be sending around when we start pitching this project to investors. If Master P has taught us anything, cross promotion is the only way to obtain gold plated ceilings (which, as we all know, is what I'm really after in this life).


Here's the Silver Lining update I promised earlier. So a castrated version of our behind the scenes documentary is going out with the initial DVD release for domestic distribution.

The good news? The folks at LDE are currently working on the Director's Cut version that will be used for all foreign distribution. That DVD will feature the compromised (but still acceptable) 30 minute version we'd been fighting for. I'm not saying it's the greatest thing that ever happened but I think it's a fair middle ground.

This disc will also include a great interview with the Boss himself that was just shot last week. He breaks down his perspective on each character and how he drew from real life acquaintances to shape them. He even cried at one point. Good stuff. It'll be much better than a similar short we did that appeared on the DVD for The Woodsman.


Things have been kind of slow on my end in regards to this project...Thankfully, I've only got 8 days of work left (!) and will be able to fully devote myself to the film after that. We've got a conversation with Bitshifter/Nullsleep/Tugboat in the works and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about meeting up with Dino from Chromelodeon at some point. Overall, exciting prospects loom on the horizon.


I know I keep saying I won't talk about this till I'm there but if we don't leave for New Mexico this November, we'll have to wait till next spring (deja vu). As I understand it, that's something they can't afford.

It all remains to be seen.