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Like Spinning Leaves

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CollaboRaizin Part II

Hey remember when I shot those video backdrops for Raizin's play? Well it's time for an Ocean's Seventeen style reunion. I'm guest illustrating an upcoming issue of his web comic: Tip Me Over, Pour Me Out.

It felt good to break out the sketchpad yesterday. Can't really remember the last thing I did beyond the casual doodles I rely on to get me through work. The smell of India Ink in particular was like an old friend.

I remember a time (4th-6th grade being the peak years) when a lot of people thought I was going to be comic book artist. It was one of those things were everyone makes the same reasonable assumption about you and you just kind of shrug your shoulders and accept it because you're too young to know any better. But given the relationship between Comic Books:Storyboards:Cinematography, I guess it does make sense.

I think TMOPMO is the closest I'll ever really come. Like so many others, I've daydreamed about an Ender's Game movie for over a decade (burn in hell, Wolfgang Petersen). I even got as far as writing part of a screnplay a few years ago. Of course, I have no delusions - they were just the idle musings of a fanboy. But it wasn't until recently, say about a month ago, that I thought what I could do was make it a graphic novel. I would be totally free from the input of others, budgetary restrictions, and having to deal with finding not one, but a handful of brilliant child actors (Kubrick knew).

Anyway, I don't want to get too carried away with that right now. The point is, TMOPMO is just what I needed. It's something that will demand a lot of effort but remains manageable. I just hope I can live up to Lisa Hanawalt's work.

In the meantime, you can check out this cool directory of online comics and see if there's something that catches your eye.


WOW. I've been picking through that web comic catalog...what an incredible resource! I haven't stumbled upon anything really mind blowing yet but it's a really great way to recognize people's work. Be sure to check it out and pass it around.


Anonymous lily said...

asif, this is exciting to me!

6:06 PM  
Blogger Raphael said...

It's even more exciting to me!

1:10 AM  
Blogger asif said...

there is a serious overload of excitement from two very excitable people here...this spells death by overwhelming for a cold fish like me.

3:32 PM  

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