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Like Spinning Leaves

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A New Olde Video

And when I say "new," I mean May, 2006.

Father-Son Talk

( R.I.P., My Life In Park Slope).

There's something up with the image quality that makes me think we shot this with two different cameras but I honestly can't remember anymore. What I do remember is watching young yuppie families react to a bag of human blood. It's just about as funny as it sounds, no more, no less.


I have cause to be excited. After a nearly 5 week hiatus, things are back on with the vgm documentary. The current tentative plan involves the other guys coming up to my place this weekend to shut ourselves in and edit, shoot, and sleep video games. This could also be the weekend we do the Bitshifter / Nullsleep / Tugboat conversation - a missing key element to our Electronic Press Kit. Rather than have a straight on, static shot interview, we're sitting these three guys down for a conversation. Jesse (Tugboat) will be our plant of sorts, asking the questions we come up with beforehand to get the katamari rolling and then take it from there.

Should be cool.


Blogger boris i. said...

can you have jesse say things like "let's get the katamari rolling" throughout the interview?

5:24 PM  
Blogger asif said...

Only if we can figure out an appropriate musical cue and animated title to flash onscreen every time he says it. I imagine some sort of horizontal wipe as The Prince pushes a katamari across the frame.

9:56 AM  

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