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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crazy Times

Hm. It's about 3:40am right now. I'm getting to the point where I won't be able to feel fatigue for another four or five hours if I don't go to bed now.

2 Long stories short:

Owens and I went out to Philly yesterday to meet up with Jim for a few days to work on our latest LDE assignment. It was the first time all The Docuboys had been together in about 7 months and probably close to a year since we all worked together on something at the same time. We cut together the first version of "Inside Shadowboxer," a new bonus interview (a good one this time) with our boss that will be featured on the Director's Cut DVD for international distribution...sadly, many of you probably won't see it since I imagine they'll be giving it the olde PAL treatment. Typical.

After parting ways with Jim on, what was it...tuesday? Levering picked us up and we drove up to Brooklyn. We've spent the last 30 or so hours completely immersed in all things PLAY. We've been cutting together our Electronic Press Kit & indulging in unhealthy levels of optimism regarding the film's potential and planning out the office we hope to buy with the money we hope to make from the film we hope sees the light of day let alone gets made.

Ok I should stop before I talk about how amazing that office would be...actually owning a townhouse with a screening room / editing suite, small scale recording studio, and meeting room with the top floors reserved for living quarters we'd never have to pay rent for again?

(Alright stop, you moron.)


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