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Like Spinning Leaves

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

blast level 3

too lazy for titles today. just picked the first thing itunes' randomizer came up with. A weekend of cutting yielded two more Blip Fest videos (one for Bud Melvin, another for Portalenz). At this rate, things should come together in a timely fashion.

There's a The Album Leaf show here in Albuquerque on Wednesday so I definitely won't be missing out on that since the list of activities in this town seem to lie somewhere between Nothing and Not-Being-Hit-By-A-Flaming-Blimp-Counting-As-Something. Naturally I got us lost on the way to an open house at the brand new studio in town....apparently it's one of the premier production facilities in the country. figures.

Things with Tennessee are going fine. Thanks to the trust we've established over the last few years since we first started working with LDE, we're able to be present for a lot more. Today we got to sit in on and record the table reading (the cast actors get together with the writer/director/producer and read through the entire movies and discuss)...an interesting process that many don't ever give much thought to if they even know about it.

What else what else...I'm getting a little tired on account of notmuchsleep last night. Our good pal Stephen (with whom we bonded as production on Shadowboxer neared its conclusion about 2.5 years ago) should be in town tomorrow. That'll be fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wtf - you're in Albuquerque?
for how long? Drop me an email at my hotmail account. One of my bands is opening for Album Leaf tomorrow.

- budmelvin

1:09 PM  
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