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Like Spinning Leaves

Friday, April 13, 2007

Blip Fest Interview

Not much time for an update. PL had his interview over at emTeaVee today for this program. They were doing a little piece on the chiptunes scene and our Blip Fest documentary. I only got to sit in on it for a the first third or so because of a doctors appointment I had to run to. Haeyoung, Mark, and Pete (all performers at the festival) were also there to talk about their individual approaches. Wish I could have stuck around there and wish I could stick around here but I've got too much to take care of before going to Brazil on Sunday morning. The end.

PS - Bud, I don't know if you're reading but this is an apology-in-advance if they keep the part where it says you're from Arizona (sorry).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am reading this.
I wish you would have said that I was from Idaho.

Hope all is well in the capital of the world.

6:41 PM  

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