{Like Spinning Leaves: March 2007

Like Spinning Leaves

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey it was a surprise to me too.

Well, I'm off to our meeting at MTV to discuss the idea of a series about gaming culture...


more on this and everything else later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

IMDb Credit #2

Now in the correct department. Ah, Nunsensations, you maker of days and spinner of dreams.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Paul got tails. I could have used that $750.

Lazy Bastard Friday Afternoon

Been almost a week since I got back. Feeling decreasingly weird about it as the days go by and I have some downtime to just do nothing but scale and topple all 16 Colossi to my heart's content.

My memories of the shoot seem exponentially further and further away. On Sunday, it was just a day ago. On Monday, a week ago. Tuesday, a month, etc. So now, a century later, I can barely recall 6am crew calls with breakfast served a half hour earlier. I'd be sad about it but there's just too much other crap to worry about.

Namely This Brazil Thing.

From The Top: As we were filming the behind scenes stuff for Tennessee, Owens and I would pull certain humorous clips and beauty shots to cut together a short video to sort of recap the entire experience. This would then be played for the crew at the wrap party and, theoretically, for a few short hours anyway, everyone would love (read: not hate) us and forget about the fact that we were constantly underfoot and carefully documenting every time they got in trouble with each other for one reason or another. But seriously, it was our one opportunity to have our position validated in the eyes of Basically Everyone.

As per usual, things had to go through The Boss for his approval. Not that we minded of course, there was nothing so scandalous/awesome that we would have really minded losing. As the DVD began spinning in his trailer, a bunch of higher ups began filtering in unexpectedly: The Investor, Some Producers, The Director...even The Director's Wife. I'll skip on the ego stroking that leads up to the factual objective part where people where, after it was over, people were left in or close to tears to the point where we were kicked out immediately.

Apparently some favorable things were said and, on the final night of filming, The Boss says The Investor would like to speak with me. Long story short: She and her husband (charitable billionaires) support an I-Guess-Ancient tribe in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest. This essentially amounts to paying people to not cut down the part of the forest where they live and have lived for ages without any of the trappings of modern society. The crazy part is that they want us to fly down there with them in April to document their involvement with these people in hopes of getting other Money Folk interested in lending a stack of thousands or two.

At least, I thought it was us.

The tiny plane they'll be taking to fly deep into the jungle only has enough room for one of us.

Paul just showed up and we have to flip a coin for who gets to go. shit.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Strangers In The Fields

Today is the last day of filming on Tennessee.

The title of this post had nothing to do with anything, it's just the name of the Bill Fay track I'm currently listening to. But, what the hell, I'll try and weave some sort of bullshit connection. I've got about two minutes to write so I'll keep it short.

I've never been as eager to get back to New York as I am right now (and now, and now, etc) but there's the obvious drawback of having all these new people (with whom I only just started to become genuinely friendly) jerked away to be seen again who knows when. Thankfully New York is a place that people in this business frequent or at least end up in at some semi-foreseeable point.

Up to this point, we've mostly been a general nuisance on set. We don't have a job that has any actual bearing on the production of the film which always sets us slightly apart. In a way, we're little more than glorified gawkers with the exception of our knowledge of Final Cut Pro. Tonight is the night where we (hopefully) get to show everyone that what we did wasn't a colossal waste of time and that we have some degree of competence. We've prepared a video to show at tonight's wrap party. One that shows all the places we've been, highlights all (or as close to it as possible) the crew members, and some of the funnier moments from production...

well. I'm out of time. My next post should be from Brooklyn.