{Like Spinning Leaves: May 2007

Like Spinning Leaves

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Firecracker Alley

Whatever happens between now and Wednesday, we'll crawl out of the wreckage with a cut of Blip Fest done. Arrived in Jersey last night at the makeshift 2 player production office more commonly known as Paul's apt. Not much to comment on beyond absurd amounts of editing. It looks like we've already suffered a casualty - Paul's just collapsed in front of his computer. poor bastard. ah well. back to work. this blog's getting nice and crappy. might be going down to south carolina for a weekend to shoot something about a famous photojournalist from the civil rights era.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


hey sorry for the lack of updates. We're trying to get a cut of Blip Fest done by the end of this month. More on this as it develops.

Not much else going on. The piece on the condo construction will begin shortly. I'll be checking in twice a week as what is currently a hole in the ground becomes a luxury residence on the upper east side. Should be interesting. Always up for learning about new things.

Gotta run for now. Can't edit well in a filthy room so I'm cleaning like crazy.