{Like Spinning Leaves: September 2007

Like Spinning Leaves

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mark Denardo Make Music

Long overdue but we've been a little backed up here at the 2pp chop shop.

Mark Denardo

I think we agreed to shoot this event if he promised to play this song...? As you can tell towards the end of the video, it was indeed raining. Unfortunately, this cut his set a bit short but we're happy to have some of it online for others to enjoy.

what else what else. not much I think, outside the usual. Levering's working on a 2 player productions site to tide us over until we get an actual designer to help us out. That's pretty much it. I imagine the next few months will be incredibly taxing but returns should be high.

more on this as I figure it out.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

what did You do last night?

Receptors @ Pulsewave: The Unannounced Duet

The evening at The Tank was, as always, awesome. Also: After the show, I screened the Covox video from the Blip Festival Performance DVD for the in-crowd and it went over pretty well. Good to know some interest in the product is brewing.

Not much to report otherwise. I'm sitting on a mountain of footage from various projects that needs to be edited and I have no clue where to begin. Ah well. Work on "Push" starts tomorrow. I'm going to spend the next two weeks holed up in a little room in Tribeca editing the daylight hours away...which is...really different from...any...other day...yeah.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

TENORI-ON!!! + Updates

So this has nothing to do with anything aside from the fact that I want one. I want one NOW.

I will literally spend hours curled up with this thing by a snowy window. they're out of stock on the moment but I signed up for email updates. Stay tuned.

Here's some news while I'm here:

One: We're going to get started on the next LDE project, "Push" asap. Possibly monday. We'll be shooting a bit of preproduction and editing Tennessee footage simultaneously. Principal photography begins in about a month.

As a result, Two: We're really going to have to step up the editing process for the Blip Festival Performance DVD (are we still calling it "Blip Festival: Galaxy Tonite" ???). For those of you outside of The Know, we here at the 2pp lab are hard at work on a dvd featuring a performance video from each of the 32 artists/groups that performed at Blip 06.

Because we're submitting the documentary to various festivals this year, we are prohibited from screening any of that material at Blip 07. However, to avoid showing up empty handed, we decided to ramp up production and have this thing pressed and ready for the merch table by this year's festival. It's going to be hell juggling this with Push but I'm up for it.

If all goes according to plan (which is to say, if we sell all the copies from the first run of printing), we should be left with enough to FINALLY own our own camera + a few accessories. About time.

Oh, and let me just give a huge nod to Don "No Carrier" Miller. He's programming a series of demos for the DVD menu design among other things. To get a small taste of his wizardry, here's the e-flier he whipped up for last month's Pulsewave. (music by Nullsleep)

If that doesn't make sense to you, all will be explained in time. For now, my thanks to our many talented collaborators -- it has, and continues to be, an honor.

and because you make the effort to read my little ramblings, here's a look at the trailer I'm putting together for said DVD. Ideally, this will be playing on a loop on a small tv at the merch table next to a towering stack of dvds.

and if i see this video embedded anywhere else, I will be forced to use the Cerebral Bore on you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I know the whole Natural Causes thing was kind of anticlimactic since I never updated once principal photography wrapped but these have been busy times for 2 player productions (as evidenced by the time line above). I'm really pleased with the way things have turned out. The first cut is but a shadow of the streamlined version we are now submitting to Sundance.

Off it goes.

The real (read: more practical) battle begins as we clean up our act for South by Southwest.

More on this as it develops.