{Like Spinning Leaves: June 2006

Like Spinning Leaves

Friday, June 23, 2006

Baron Crunch n' Munchausen

Let's just the pleasantries out of the way for today. After driving myself close to crazy, I finally finished a primitive first cut of the VGL trailer.

Also, The Lord of The Rock is finished

So yeah, that's pretty much all there is to say. Unless of course, it isn't. The guys did an amazing job covering the Genocide show in Baltimore last weekend. I really wish I could have been there...silly family obligations. Anyway, I'll see if I can get that on YouTube at some point.

This documentary is really shaping up...and we haven't even really started yet.

It's Good.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Your Shoes Move Forward, Leaving Without You

*New Project*

Video Games Live

Hey, everyone. Back from a half-week in Philly with a new assignment. Things ended up coming together for the VGL show. We had 5 cameras covering the event with one stationary camera and Owens, Sanchez, Ben Kitchens, and I running around with the other 4. It sounds like great coverage but the truth is, we were pretty limited in terms of where we could shoot from. Because the audience's seats came right up to the stage, we were confined to awkward views from the wings and balconies. Still, there was enough material shot at the rehearsal (during which we were free to roam the stage as we pleased) to cobble together something really good.

A task which has, fortunately & unfortunately, been gifted to me / fallen into my lap (respectively). On the one hand, it's a great opportunity to cut together the footage of some of the best operators I know with some amazing orchestral arrangements. On the other hand, it means logging/importing/editing about 26 hours of footage into a 30 minute piece. I also got called back to come in and interview for a 10 day gig doing exactly that (logging/importing) for someone else's project (need the money)...So if that works out, I'd spend 8 hrs a day looking at footage from one project, come home, and spend the rest of the night looking at footage from another project...But then, the VGL thing is more of a passion project so I'm sure I won't mind (too much).

My eyes are still a little bloodshot from irregular sleep patterns...what else...

Hmm well, the days surrounding the concert were enjoyable for the most part. The day before, Tommy and his VGL crew had a booth set up at the Wizard World Convention. I had never been to one that big before - it was pretty impressive. Lots of toys, comics, and nerds. Not that I wasn't one of them. Occasionally, I would sneak off to play God of War II (!). Eventually, it was over and we went over to the Doubletree Hotel where everyone was staying. There was a great interview with VGL's co-creator/conductor, Jack Wall (you'll see him in the VGL trailer) who bought Levering, Owens, and I dinner later that night at a big restaurant/arcade on the waterfront. Very cool guy.

I'm getting distracted by noisy people in the courtyard outside my window...losing my train of thought. I don't know what else to say at the moment except that it's good to be back in New York. Nice weather.


Still waiting...

Lord Of The Rock

Just wait. It's almost ready.


We're going to change our name. Any suggestions?