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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Frag And Clear

Busy times what can I say. The truth is I've been putting off an update because there are some pictures I'd really like to post but the cable for the camera is at my sister's place. Soon though, I think. In the meantime, here's where we stand:

Broke But Busy So Perhaps Not Broke For Too Much Longer.

That's probably the most concise I've ever been. Current editing projects (read: $) include a promotional video for a novel, digitizing someone else's home movies, and a personal documentary of someone else's international adventure. Not the most gripping endeavors but they (will hopefully) pay the rent. If anyone needs me to shoot something during the week, let me know. That was embarrassingly shameless. I'm going to leave it in as a reminder to never do that again.

We've been screening the Blip Festival doc for a lot of people and so far the feedback has been great (which is not to say that it's all been positive (thankfully) but that it's all been constructive/helpful). We're hoping to have a more solid cut done by the end of this month before we start showing it to some money folk in hopes that they'll be willing to pay for things like a sound editor and graphics. After that, it's festival time.

There's a pretty interesting one in Spain that we've got our eyes on: In-Edit. It caters specifically to music documentaries so I think that might be our best bet for now (the promised land of SXSW isn't till much later). Other contenders are Woodstock and Slamdance. But perhaps I'm getting way ahead of myself.

I'll leave you with a bunch of fragments from various unfinished projects.

Videodremone - Part of the BKuarium series. temp track by M. Sanchez
Cloud - Testing out an effect for the Blip Fest doc. temp track by J. Novak
Battle In Heaven - video "scratching" (or) Fun With Keyframes
Scroll 32 - A quick overview of who played Blip Fest (with 2 unintentional exclusions). This is only the tiny tiny seed of a larger idea. An arbitrary number of frames was chosen and each clip was cut to the same length and placed in no particular order. Excellent portraits by M. Becker.
I Can Edit To Kanye? - Part of the aforementioned book promotion. I would recommend watching the first 28 seconds and leaving it at that - the rest was the result of landing the gig on extreme short notice so I was unable to have any input as far as ensuring sound and picture quality goes. No hard feelings of course...Just could have given the client a better product. What's most important is that I finally have something I can put on my reel for nightclub promotion gigs...if you can find the right people in that world, they tend to pay out the ass for video work.
Element Labs - And finally, a portion of the Blip Festival raw footage we gave to the guys at alinear so they could show the pixel board in all it's glory. Really I'm just posting this because I like the first shot of Bud Melvin (greetings from Brooklyn to Rio Rancho, BM),

Right so I think that about does it. I've got some more video ideas cooking...those will undoubtedly end up as scraps in some future post...still, looking forward to it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

howdy back
not sure who is sexier, the banjo player or the pixel board.

2:17 PM  
Blogger zirafa said...

dope diversity of projects. i can totally see you being the guy-at-the-club-with-the-camera...

2:19 AM  

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